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Minddrive uses real-world issues of our times to teach urban students critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship and how to improve their future by expanding their vision for themselves.


Project Lola


MINDDRIVE’s first car was based on a 200 Lola Indy chassis. The car recorded over 300 MPG equivalent (MPGe) at Bridgestone’s Texas Proving Ground in August of 2010. It participated in Emerging Technology Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 7, 2011. It was one of the featured cars at the Pixar Motorama that June.Learn more

Karmann Ghia Goes Green


This is the first step in creating a completely converted electric car from an old model Karmann Ghia. It’s been completely stripped down, sanded to perfection, painted a subtle “Mossport Green” color, to fit in with the rest of the MINDDRIVE fleet, and then clear coated to perfection. This conversion includes 30 - 3.2 lithiom ion batteries, allowing for a 70-100 mile range, depending on the speed and the grade. It travels comfortably at highway speeds but probably best at about 55 MPH. The interior has been fully restored and seatbelts updated.Learn more

Project Lotus


MINDDRIVE's electrified Lotus Esprit ran a cross-country trip in June 2012, starting out in San Diego, CA and ending up in Jacksonville, FL. The support team had a generator and two chargers that recharged the car in a little over an hour after driving 60 or more miles. There were 18 students that participated in the trip and at each stop were greeted by other students, technology schools, environmental groups, utility companies and the general public. They made over 24 presentations during our 40-stop trek over the 12-day period. There is an educational link that spans across the desert, the bayou and both West, East and Southern shores which was created by the stories of our students and their journey, not just with the car but also their lives.Learn more

Designing from the Inside Out


Project Lola was the second version of our prototype car. The difference between the two projects is somewhat the shape of the body. Mostly though, it's got a spandex fabric skin vs. the clear plastic. It's very stealth and batman looking! This photo shows that it was on display at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in its prestigous Kirkwood Hall. It's the first time that a car had EVER been on display at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. It was part of the World's Fair Exhibition.Learn more

Great Humanitarian - A Tribute to Phil Kirk's Passion

Click the link below to view video of our friend, Phil Kirk as he speaks about his commitment to the education of the children of our community and leveling the playing field for all.

Our Mission Statement

To inspire students to learn, expand their vision of the future and have a positive influence on urban workforce development.

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