2011 Summer Students

The Students for the Summer Term 2011 began at the end of May, just before school ended
and came to class every Saturday for 18 weeks, finishing up on September 24th, 2011.

Naonta Barnes-Smith

Naonta “Nate” Smith, the 11th grader from DeLaSalle, hopes to be a successful musical engineer and make beats and produce popular songs for a living. This career choice would surely make owning his dream car a reality considering it is a $1.2 million Bugatti Veyron and the mainstream music industry is one that pays well.

Nate finally became a member of MINDDRIVE this year after just missing the cut during his freshman and sophomore years. “It looked interesting and fun” he commented on why he was so persistent on joining the program. His favorite parts of the program have been the importance of the tires, learning about them and how “we tested with motorcycle tires.” The flywheel, an invention that one of the MINDDRIVE mentors has the patent to, is by far the most interesting thing to Naonta, the three wheeled look to the car was “cool” and “fun to experiment with.” Aerodynamics was something major that he took away from the lessons and he definitely thinks all of his hard work to get into the program was worth it.

Chan Brown

Living that SENIOR-LIFE! Chan Brown is a returning MINDDRIVE students from DeLaSalle Charter High School were he would be a graduating senior.

The reason he joined the MINDDRIVE class and continuously comes back is because he likes “the traveling we do and meeting the new students and mentors and other people that we come across through this experience.” He learned that it’s not an easy job to build a car from scratch, and then throw in the fact its electric makes it even harder. He learned how to make a body for car out of fiberglass and how important it is to have little to no rolling resistance on your vehicle. Characteristics about the car that he notices that are different from last year is that the car is set to go at 60 miles an hour and how much more aerodynamic the shape of car is compared to last year.

Old school type of guy when it comes to cars his dreams cars would either be a 1987 Monte Carlo or a 1977 Impala. When it comes time for him to do something for a living he wants to be an entrepreneur and own a lot of businesses.

Kelvin Duley

Can we say SENIOR! Kelvin Duley will be attending De LaSalle this coming school year and will be a graduating senior. He’s a very funny outing person who speaks his mind whenever possible.

MINDDRIVE became an option for Kelvin because he “wanted to try something new and gain a bigger interest in cars.” Although he joined the class to become more interested in cars his favorite thing about the class is getting to know the new people and interacting with everybody, basically he likes to have fun. While working on this car Kelvin has improved his knowledge of cars in general and learned about the importance of aerodynamics on a car.

He either wants to drive fast or step out the back of his car like a celebrity. His two dream cars or either a Maserati or a Lincoln Presidential. Since one of his dreams is to be in the NBA guess he’ll get to step out the back of his Lincoln Presidential, but besides the NBA Kelvin just wants to get a college degree and become successful. Kelvin would love to come back to MINDDRIVE next year and be a teacher instead of a student.

Emanuel Gutierrez

Emanuel Gutierrez will be a returning sophomore at Alta Vista High School this coming school year. He’s sort of a quiet kid but very funny.

He decided too become apart of MINDDRIVE because he thought it looked like a interesting project and something where he could have fun and learn at the same time, expand his knowledge of cars and all the inter-workings of them. Working on the car is the most active and fun part about the class to Emanuel. Out of all the lessons that we have learned the one that stuck most to Emanuel was the aerodynamics lessons and that’s because it is the one that reoccurs the most in all the lessons. Some parts about this year’s car that stick out to Emanuel are the fact that its green and the layer of shrink wrap that its going to have for a body.

Emanuel is what we call a speed demon when asked what was his dream car he said, “I don’t know anything that goes fast.” He then went on to name a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Although both the cars that he picked are by far not cheap he is not sure what he wants his career to be yet but he still has time to decide. If there happens to be a class next year you will definitely see Emanuel there in the shop working on the car because “it’s fun.”

Jelani Harris

A Junior at University Academy Jelani Harris or Lani is very excitrful outgoing person who loves to get to know everyone.

She joined the MINDDRIVE class because she wanted a new experience and to have more to talk sbout then just her music. Yes thats right Lani's our resident sing/rapper this year. Her favorite thing about MINDDRIVE is working on the car and making new interesting designs for the MINDDRIVE t-shirts and bracelets. While working on the car she has learned alot, like "aerodynamics is hard (lol) and the importance of measuring." Characterisitics of this year's car that interest her are the "pop of green," the fact that its going to be see through "it's sort of a MINDDRIVE trademark," and the "feminine shape of the car."

Lani has expensive taste when it comes to cars she has to make sure when she pulls up all eyes are on her and her car. Her two dream cars are either a Bently or a Bougotti Coop. With such expensive taste she has to have some type of way to pay for them, she says that she's going to buy them with the money from her career as a producer and a recording artisit. It's a definite yes as to whether or not she will be in next semesters class or not. Outside of MINDDRIVE Lani spends her time try to find studios to practice her art, playing the piano at her dads house, and chilling with her friends.

Chandler Hiatt

Chandler Hiatt joined MINDDRIVE out of interest in building an electric car. His favorite things about MINDDRIVE are the car and meeting new people.

One thing Chandler learned about cars is how they run. The characteristics of this year’s car are the speed of 60 mph and also the aerodynamics.

Chandler is a sophomore at Kearney High School; his dream car Is A Mercedes. He Wants To Become A Medical Surgeon. Chandler would like to major in Political Science. A typical day out of MINDDRIVE for Chandler is motor racing, football, and also hanging out with friends.

DeAnthony King

DeAnthony King is currently attending DeLaSalle and is going to be a returning junior this coming school year, he is a very shy individual but being in this class is helping him to come out of his shell.

He decided to be a part of the MINDDRIVE class because he wanted to learn more about cars and he likes to be able to interact with the people in the class. His favorite thing about the class is the car and building it. Though he has learned a lot in these 8 weeks the thing that has stuck with him the most is learning about how to make the car become balanced so that all the wheels touch at the same time and in the same way. Some characteristics that he likes about the car are the speed, which is 60 mph, the fact that it’s going to be electric, and the batteries that it will run on.

Even though he’s shy he likes to live in the fast lane, his dream car is a Corvette. He aspires to be a rapper ~ we call him the whispering rapper. He is very much looking forward to coming back again next year to be apart of the car building class a.

I'Toya Lynn

SSSSSSSS-EEEEEEEEE-NNNNNNN-IIIIIIII-OOOOOOOO-RRRRRRR ! ! ! Itoya or Toya Lynn is a returning University Academy Charter School SENIOR. She's a very fun friendly outgoing person.

She became a member of MINDDRIVE because she wanted to learn more about cars and she needed something productive to do during the summer. She likes the fact that she gets along with every one and there is no "foolishness" like there is at school where she feels like she "has to beat people down (lol)." Even though she has learned a lot from MINDDRIVE the most talked about things that stuck the most were aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and the importance of drag. She loves the car in all its glories she likes the feminine "curvy" shape of the car, the see through aspect, and the fact that it actually sort of looks like a real car

Toya has what we call an old school not only in music but also in cars, her two dream cars are either a 1987 Impala or a Rose Royce Presidential. She has worked with kids mostly all of her life so it doesnt come a surprise that she wants to work with them when she gets older by being their doctor, yes that's right she want's to be a pediatrition. Outside of MINDDRIVE Toya lives a busy yet sometime boring life if she's not after school helping out teachers and coaches or at Operation Breakthrough volunteering she's at home talking on the phone, watching movies, or hanging with her friends and family.

Victoria Mendez

From Alta Vista Charter High School, Victoria Mendez joined MINDDRIVE after being introduced to it by her school counselor. Victoria a 10th grader aspires to be a tattoo artist one day and hopes to work on cars as a hobby. One day she wishes to own a Cadillac Escalade “No particular year, Just an Escalade.” She simply put it. Victoria says she has learned a lot during these Saturday classes and the thing that stuck out the most to her was the mechanics of the wheel. Victoria is “Interested in cars and open to anything.” A quality that is needed when working on such innovations as the electric MINDRIVE car.

Emilia Padilla

Emilia is currently a student at Alta Vista Charter High School grade: 10th grade

The reason Emilia decided to take the MINDDRIVE class was because she wanted to have experience with an electric car.

Emilia’s favorite thing about MINDDRIVE is the whole ideal of this program.

Her dream car is a 1964 Chevy Impala.

Emilia says for her career she wants to own her own businesses. One of those businesses is to own an Auto Body Shop and the other business is a Party Throwing Company.

Ehiner Torrijas-Perez

“Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by cars.” Ehiner, commonly referred to as “Doofy”, answers to why he joined the program. Recruited by Steve Rees from De La Salle Charter High School (The birth place of MINDDRIVE) Ehiner is a 10th grader who joined the projects automotive department this summer.

His favorite part about this 18 week experience is learning about cars and, meeting new people and socializing. Something that comes natural to this talkative character. “The most interesting thing I think is that we recycled a wrecked car.” “We’re making it electric.” Were his comments about the car and the building process.

Ehiner wants to take his gift of gab to the court room and become an Immigration lawyer to “help those seeking a better life.” Of course he wont stop loving cars. Wanting to work on them on the side and one day own his dream car: “a 1975 cream colored Chevy Impala low rider with white leather interior and black rims.”

Huyi Rodriguez

Huyi Rodriguez is a junior attending Alta Vista Charter High School. MINDDRIVE has helped him break out of his shell. He joined the MINDDRIVE class because he wanted to better himself and raise himself and his communication skills to a higher level, he also liked the fact that he could meet new people and have new experiences.

He likes working with one of our mentors Mike on wielding for the frame of the car and getting together in this community of MINDDRIVE and having fun with all the students and mentors. He has learned a lot from this year’s class like it takes more force to start a car and get it moving then it does when its already in motion. Some characteristics of the car that he likes are how aerodynamic it is, the fact that he believes “it looks like a spider-man web in the front, “ and the green color that it has.

Huyi is a classic car type of person. His two dream cars are a Bugatti or a Mustang it doesn’t matter what year to him they’re all the same. He has a lot of expectations for his future and what he wants to become as an adult. He wants to be a philanthropist, helping young children around the world with school supplies and things of that nature. He enjoys boxing, making cars and racing.

Elias Williams

Representing the CLASS OF MMXII is Elias Williams. He attends Lincoln College Preparatory Academy which is where he met Steve and became a member of this years class.

Elias was preparing for a "mock" interview and he saw Steve and thought "that guy looks likes he could get me a job," so he proceeded to tell Steve that he wanted to be a journalist as a career and Steve told him all about the MINDDRIVE class and Elias decided to join. Even though he isn't really good at the math involved in science, one of his favorite things about the class is the science part of it and the family atmosphere that he receives here every Saturday morning. Throughout this learning experience he has learned a lot but the few things that stuck were "not knowing that there could be to different sized tires on a car, the aspect ratios which makes them look like the same size, pretty nice," and that there's a lot more to cars then he originally thought there was. "This year's car is more of a street car to me, that's one thing that i like another is the fact this car is going be a big deal," those are the characteristics that he likes about the car.

Elias isn't all that interested in cars, which explains why his two dream cars are so simple. He wants to ride in a 2005 Yellow Chevy SSR or a 2011 Honda Idyssey. As already stated he wants to become a journalist with a legal degree just incase he gets into any sticky situations. A typical day for him outside of school/MINDDRIVE is SLEEPING! coaching his little brothers football team as the defensive coordinator, bugging his parents, and teasing his brother.