2012-13 Students

The 2012-13 term of MINDDRIVE consists of two class tracts: Automotive Design Studio where students learn principals and  concepts in math, science, technology, creativity and innovation. The second learning tract is Contemporary Communications where students learn presentation skills, storytelling through writing exercises, blogging, photography, & video production, website design, and social media. Both of these learning tracts are supported by professional, volunteer mentors and use experiential, hands-on learning techniques.  We limit our classroom time to about 25% of the total time spent together during a weekend session.  The other 75% is spent learning by doing.  This not only cements the concepts into their thinking, it connects the dots of why they need to learn these things and how it fits into the larger picture of their life’s goals and ambitions beyond high school.


Gabriela ARAUJO is a junior at Alta Vista Charter School. For fun Gabriela likes to watch movies, hang out with friends, play soccer, and do Graphic design.

She has three sisters and two brothers. Gabriela has two dimple piercings. Pretty soon she will be taking them out because she is getting older and maturing and also she also would like to present herself as more mature.

Gabriela joined MINDDRIVE because she wanted to try something new and her good friend Victoria Mendez told her how great of a program and an opportunity it was. When she grows up she either wants to pursue business and law or graphic design.

Written by Kennedy Mitchelle.


Corey Boston is 15, freshman at Dela Salle. Can you believe that he is the only child? He came to MINDDRIVE because he was interested in taking apart cars and putting them back together. It really caught his attention.

He also said coming to MINDDRIVE keeps him out of trouble. Corey wants to become a lawyer he maybe wants to attend Harvard, Yale, or Howard College. He likes to play sports with his spare time and participate in MINDDRIVE.

Written by Tyrane Douglas.

Guillermo Carmona

Guillermo Carmona, 19, is a senior at Alta Vista High School.

He was born on December 3, 1993. He was born in Kansas City Missouri and he has one brother. He came to MINDDRIVE because he wanted to see what it was like. He also said that he likes to work on cars alot at MINDDRIVE. He said when he grows up he wants to become a computer engineer.

Written by Tyrane Douglas


Kent Crockett 16, is a student at University Academy he has three siblings: two brothers and one sister. He is very interested in learning more about the construction of cars and learning more about communication skills while in the MINDDRIVE program.

He wants to go to Baylor University to become a professional guitarist. He is very interested in learning more about the cords on the guitar. If he hears a cord in a song that he still needs to learn he continues to listen to the song over and over until he learns the cord. He also likes to play all types of music.

Kent says if he does not make it in the music industry his fall-back plan would be working on designing cars and testing them. He likes to play basketball, draw, and play the ps3 during his spare time. Kent overall is a very interesting guy!

Written by Tyrane Douglas.


The youngest of three siblings and is a very sports-oriented person. He's very dedicated in his future plans he decided to further his knowledge in communication skills because he wants to be a sport broadcaster! He seems to be very intelligent knowing that playing sports is dangerous and can only last so long. Therefore, to still be involved, he decided to be a sport broadcaster.

Aside from all the seriousness, he is an active, fun, video game-loving person, who will play virtually everything he can get his hands on, especially when it comes to sports and video games.

Written by Kent Crockett.


Cornel Foster: 19 years of age, he was born in Romania. Currently in the 12th grade attending University Academy. He is planning on going to college and wants to study Criminal Justice. He wants to become an FBI agent. This is his first year at MINDDRIVE. He wanted to learn about cars and how to build them, since “I like cars”, he said. In his spare time he likes to play football and hang out with friends. His favorite color is blue and he likes to draw tattoos. His favorite television show is “The Big Bang Theory” .He is the 3rd oldest of three brothers and three sisters.


Currently a Junior at Alta Vista High School, favorite color is blue. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister he loves to work on cars and break stuff.

He is undecided about collage and likes to play baseball. His favorite show is The Walking Dead. He loves to play guitar and plans to be a guitar player and a teacher while still working on cars.

Written by Aritt Velezquez.


He is the middle child and has huge aspirations to be involved in cars. He is still deciding as to what he will do with his future but he has narrowed it down to racecar driver or engineer. Clearly he loves cars and comes to MINDDRIVE in hopes of furthering his knowledge. His experience at MINDDRIVE is helping him with his future plans. Racing go-karts on his free time shows that he is on the right path.

Written by Kent Crockett.


A Senior at University Academy Jelani Harris or "Lani" is a very exciting, outgoing person who loves to get to know EVERYONE.

She joined the MINDDRIVE class because she wanted a new experience and to have more to talk sbout then just her music. Yes thats right, Lani is our resident singer/rapper, she sings everything from Gospel to Contemporary Music.

Her favorite thing about MINDDRIVE is working on the car and making new interesting designs for the MINDDRIVE T-shirts and bracelets. While working on the car she has learned alot, like “aerodynamics is hard (lol) and the importance of measuring.” Characterisitics of this year’s car that interest her are the “pop of green,” the fact that its going to be see through “sort of a MINDDRIVE trademark,” and the “feminine shape of the car.”

Written by I'Toya McConnell, 2011/12 class


Daniel is a hard working person. He has his mind set on becoming an engineer. MINDDRIVE is a helping push that could turn him in the right direction. He works hard in the gym and in the garage. So far he knows the basic things that could make him an excellent engineer: it takes teamwork to build a car.

Knowing this, all that can be ahead is success. With him being the oldest of his siblings he has a lot to work for. His younger siblings look up to him so in his mind, success is the only option.

Written by Kent Crockett


Victoria Jones is a junior this year. She has five siblings and she is one of the youngest out of six. The reason that she came to MINDDRIVE was because Linda and Steve convinced her it would be fun and a unique experience for her to come and learn about how to build a car and work on communications for her ideal career in journalism.

Victoria wants to be a Broadcast Journalist when she grows up. She loves talking to people and giving them an understanding of what is going on in the world. Victoria wants to work at CNN.

Victoria’s hobbies include wanting to volunteer at a hospital where she can read to kids and she also wants to learn how to play the violin.

Written by Kennedy Mitchelle.


Netzer Jose, 18, is a senior at Alta Vista High School

He was born on February 22, 1994 in Mexico. He has 1 brother and 1 sister. He attends a program at Manual Tech Collision Repair that deals with cars. His counselor informed him about the program and thought that he should go experience some more things about electric cars. He came to MINDDRIVE because he likes hands-on activities. He also said that is favorite color is royal blue.

Written By: Tyrane Douglas


DeAnthony King, 17, is a senior at DeLaSalle High School in Kansas City, MO. He has two sisters and four brothers. He has been participating in MINDDRIVE for two years because he enjoys the experience of building cars.

He likes the mentors because they are helpful in teaching him how to build cars. His plan after graduation from high school is to attend UMKC.

After graduating from college, he wants to become a lawyer to help people get out of jail that are innocent.

Written by La'Shay White.


Kristana is one of the many students here in MINDDRIVE, here for the second year. She is a senior this year at University Academy. And her future plans are to go into pre-law. She is a very active student. Some of her many hobbies are playing soccer, volleyball and she is also the captain of the step team.

She is in the automotive class, which she loves because it is hands-on training. She was introduced to this program by Jelani, one of her friends here in MINDDRIVE. She attended class with Jelani one Saturday to see what it was all about and Steve didn't hesitate to put her to work! She enjoyed it so much that she ended up coming back week after week and also went on the Coast-To-Coast trip at the end of last year's class.

Written by Sandra Perez


David Medina, 15 is a sophomore at Alta Vista High School.

He was born on May 15, 1997 in South Carolina. He has 2 sisters and 4 brothers. He came to MINDDRIVE because he wants to learn more about cars and how to build and design them. David says that he really enjoys sleeping and does not do anything else . He likes the color blue. His brother Javier attended MINDDRIVE last year so it has been a family thing.

Written By: Tyrane Douglas


Victoria Mendez is a junior at Alta Vista Charter School. She is sixteen years old.

For fun, Victoria likes to hang out with her friends, she likes to to draw and loves to play soccer. She has one sister.

Last year Victoria was on the Principal’s Honor-roll, which means she had all A’s and one B. After high school, Victoria plans to go to University of Missouri in Columbia. She also wants to study abroad which means to study in another country. She would like to go study in France or Italy. Victoria has been in the MINDDRIVE program for two and a half years.


Ricardo Mendoza, 17, is a senior at Alta Vista High School.

He was born on April 25, 1995 in Mexico. He has 2 brothers. He came to MINDDRIVE to increase his knowledge in the car industry, although he already attends a program that deals with cars. That program is called Manual Tech Automotive Collision Repair. He likes to play soccer as one of his hobbies because one day he would like to become a professional soccer player. When he has graduated from high school he would like to attend either Truman State or Park University. He said he loves to eat Mexican food.

Written By: Tyrane Douglas


Kennedy Mitchelle is a freshman at DeLaSalle high school. She is one of the oldest of 13 children. Kennedy got involved with MINDDRIVE to pursue her photography career and she wanted to learn how to build a car.

After graduating from her dream college, University of Missouri, she wants to be an attorney. She chose this career in hopes to fight the unfair system and help the innocent. In her spare time Kennedy likes to play volleyball, play video games, and watch television as well as hang out with her friends.

Written by Victoria Jones.


Emilia is currently a student at Alta Vista Charter High School grade: 11th grade

The reason Emilia decided to take the MINDDRIVE class was because she wanted to have experience with an electric car.

Emilia’s favorite thing about MINDDRIVE is the whole program! LOL!

Her dream car is a 1964 Chevy Impala.

Emilia says for her career she wants to own her own businesses. One of those businesses would like to own is an Auto Body Shop and the other business is an Event Company.


Christiane Parker: 18 years of age, she was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She is currently attending University Academy in the 12th grade. She's been accepted and is well on her way to attend Missouri Southern State University. She wants to study psychology. She is the second oldest of four sisters and one brother.

In her spare time she likes to hang out with friends. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite singer is Beyoncé, “She is a very talented person” she said. She loves to model and write. This is her second year here at MINDDRIVE, she decided to be in MINDDRIVE because “It looked interesting, and I wanted to try something new.” She said. “I love MINDDRIVE with all my heart” ---Christiane Parker--


Sandra Perez, 16, is a senior and has two siblings who are younger than her. Sandra participates in MINDDRIVE, which is a mentoring program for select high school students. She is at MINDDRIVE to become a better writer and see how she can apply this in life.

When she is not at MINDDRIVE, she enjoys playing soccer, writing, reading, or singing.

Her career aspirations are to become a lawyer, FBI agent, and a judge. She learned about these careers by watching the following TV shows: CSI, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order. She wants to be a judge because she wants to experience a judge’s point of view. Something tells me that she has what it takes to make it happen in her life!

Written by La'Shay White.


Luis Puentes 16 and has one sister. Luis was invited to MINDDRIVE by a very energetic guy named Ehiner Torrejos-Perez. Luis said the reason he came to MINDDRIVE is because he likes to draw a lot and build things.

He plans to attend JCCC for 2 years and then, attend KU for 2 years to become an architecture engineer. He would like to become an engineer because he likes cars a lot and he likes to draw and build them. It is something he is very interested in doing in the future.

Written by Tyrane Douglas.


Huyi Rodriguez is now a Senior! MINDDRIVE has helped him break out of his shell. He joined the MINDDRIVE class because he wanted to better himself and raise his communication skills to a higher level, he also liked the fact that he could meet new people and have new experiences.

He likes working with one of our mentors Mike on welding for the frame of the car. He enjoys getting together in this community of MINDDRIVE and having fun with all the students and mentors. He has learned a lot from this year’s class. For instance, it takes more force to start a car and get it moving then it does when its already in motion. Some characteristics of the cars that he likes are how aerodynamic they are. As for the Lola and the Reynard, the fact that he believes “they look like a spider-man web in the front, “ and the green color that they have is from an original Porsche color.

Huyi is a classic car type of person. His two dream cars are a Bugatti or a Mustang it doesn’t matter what year to him - they’re all the same. He has a lot of expectations for his future and what he wants to become as an adult. He wants to be a philanthropist, helping young children around the world with school supplies and things of that nature. He enjoys boxing, making cars and racing.

Written by Elias Williams 2011/12 Student


Austin Scott, 16, is a sophomore at University Academy in Kansas City, MO. He has an older brother and a younger sister.

During Austin’s first year in MINDDRIVE, he indicated that MINDDRIVE has helped him learn more about cars and without MINDDRIVE he would not know as much about cars.

He also shared that MINDDRIVE seems really long on Saturdays because he has other things to do.

After high school, he wants to go to the University of San Antonio because of his experience visiting that school a few years ago. He learned that the school was better for the career that he wants to pursue: he wants to become a stock broker because of the research possibilities that are available.


Paul Robert Smith is our only member here at MINDDRIVE from Center High School, but that doesn't stop him from being the person he is so inclined to be. "My friends describe me as: "Influential, a natural born leader, laid back, and just an all around chill person", he said.

His favorite subject in school is math. His favorite color is black. He has three brothers and three sisters. Paul likes gaining knowledge on cars. During his spare time, he loves listening to music and writing. After high school he looks forward to becoming an adult. This is Paul’s second year at MINDDRIVE. He enjoys MINDDRIVE because it’s a great opportunity, he loves being a part of the team, and he enjoys getting to know everyone.

Written by LaTeefah Wade.


Sierra Taylor: 17 years of age. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She is currently attending University Academy, and plans to go to college. She plans to study business administration/marketing. She is the middle child of five sisters. Her favorite color is pink, she likes to shop and her favorite singer is Jhene Aiko. Her favorite TV show is “Pretty Little Liars” and likes to watch reality TV shows. This is her first year of MINDDRIVE. She got in it because it seemed interesting and because she wants to keep busy on Saturdays.

Written by Aritt Velezquez


Currently a senior at DeLaSalle, barely turned 18 years old. His favorite color is black. He has one brother and one sister and plans to go to Harvard to become a lawyer. Well, actually a lawyer or a electrical engineer.

“I'm here at MINDDRIVE because I like to be part of something great.” He said in an interview. Not only that but he likes to help people. He likes relaxing and “kicking back”. He likes to play and watch football, he goes for the Steelers, and doesn’t like the Raiders. He likes to play soccer occasionally and goes for the Chivas. He likes to build cars.

After high school he plans to become famous.

Written by Aritt Velezquez.


Aritt Velazquez is in the 10th grade and loves doing her work. Aritt’s favorite color is purple and she loves to hang out with friends. She has one brother, one sister, and another on the way.

One reason she joined MINDDRIVE is to get to know more people. Aritt wants to be an FBI agent because she loves mystery and suspense. Her favorite show is Criminal Minds. She loves reading, writing, and watching TV. She also loves taking pictures outside by the trees. She must be a nature lover at heart, which is why she is interested in this environmental program!

Written by LaTeefah Wade


Currently in the 11th grade, excited to graduate and looking forward to the next 10 years of her collage life. She is looking forward to becoming a pediatrician because she loves kids. She loves to share her experiences with people, believing that can help them out.

She loves to read, talk on the phone, and text. Her favorite television show is Criminal Minds; best show ever. Who could blame her? She loves to be outside by the trees and take pictures there. Her favorite singer/rapper is Nicki Minaj. And again, who can blame her? Nicki Minaj is great.

The reason she got in MINDDRIVE was to interact and meet new people. She figured, “This is the best way to do that”!

Written by Aritt Velezquez.


La’ Shay White has a fascinating family of 31 siblings, in which she is the second oldest. She attends DeLaSalle High School, where she is a junior. One of her many hobbies is cooking, which is one of her passions in life. Also, she enjoys reading and running track. She runs the 100 meter and 200 meter sprints.

She decided to attend MINDDRIVE because she believes the communications department can help her in her writing skills. She also said “I believe this can keep me occupied on Saturdays and also get me away from trouble.”

Her love for food and of helping others inspires her dreams of being a heart surgeon and a cook. Even though being a heart surgeon will take 12 years of school, she is determined to fight for her dream.

Written by Sandra Perez