The students of MINDDRIVE are recruited from the urban core of Kansas City, including Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kan.  We also have a few students who come from rural communities, well outside what you would call “urban.”

Our focus is on students who are “at-risk” and for our purposes, this means that they are slipping through the cracks of the “traditional” educational system in one way or another.  Our experiential learning techniques, hands-on learning and one-on-one mentoring enables us to reach these students in a new way, inspiring them to want to learn in their core subjects in school.  We are able to address the individual student and help him or her through the blockages he or she may be experiencing that hinder learning.

We accept applications in April and September each year.  Our students and the parents of our students have signed contracts of understanding regarding the requirements and participation in the program.

For more information, write to Emily Wheeler at