Digital Creativity in Communication

In the Digital Creativity in Communications class, students are encouraged to explore their creativity through writing exercises, photography, videography and social media. They are also taught and practice how to make a presentation, conduct an interview, and storytelling through all mediums. They will develop and design their own websites and learn about the world of blogging. Some computer science is included as they learn how websites work through their own hands-on experience of creating their unique site.

Tools used in this class will empower students to explore careers in graphic design, journalism, commercial or art photography, video production, online enterprises, and more. We will equip them with the confidence needed to stand up and make a presentation which will empower them during job interviews as they progress to college or into the workforce.

Students will learn:
DoodleKit – website building software
Adobe’s InDesign
Adobe’s Premiere Pro
Adobe’s Photoshop
Adobe’s Lightroom
Adobe’s Audition

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