Automotive Design Studio

Hands-on project-based 30-week course that will expose students to metal fabrication, electric vehicle systems, steering design, braking, automotive design, rolling-resistance, robotics, synthetic molding, and much more in a mentor-based team environment. Learn about cutting-edge technologies while working on or building electric cars!


  • Complete first 3D-printed 600lb robotic three-wheeled cycle-car you can drive.
  • Design, build, and work on electric race cars driven by students who compete against other high schools all over the state of Kansas in the Kansas Electrorally.
  • Complete the restoration of a classic 1965 Chevy Corvair Corsa convertible and install an all-electric drivetrain that includes two high-powered AC electric motors and powered by batteries from a Tesla.
  • Complete update of the electric drivetrain for a classic 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to include two high powered DC motors and an updated extended-life CALB Lithium-Ion battery pack.

Digital Art & Design

Students will design, shoot, edit, draft, print, and produce digital art in meaningful ways during this 30-week mentor-assisted course. Learn to use, design, and create using digital tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Drone Photography, and 3D printers.


  • Learn graphic design skills to produce personal branding as well as create marketing materials to help tell the story of MINDDRIVE.
  • Work with 3D printing technology to create unique cutting-edge pieces and learn the basics of 3D-CAD design and additive manufacturing.
  • Plan, design, and create an art exhibit to be displayed in Crossroads Arts District called the MINDDRIVE Art Garage.
  • Learn Photography and use it to create unique stories.
  • Design, plan, shoot, edit, and produce a promotional video to be published online and showcased at MINDDRIVE events.


The MINDDRIVE appliction is straight forward, and meant to find out information about the student’s interest and involvements. Applications for our Saturday core programs, the Automitive Design Studio and MINDDRIVE Productions, are accepted prior to enrollment of September/October of the current school year. Students interested in becoming a part of MINDDRIVE can contact us directly, or speak to a school teacher, counselor or principal.

Summer programs and evening classes application is the same, however the acceptance date varies. You can download and either email or mail the application to us, attention Emily Wheeler, MINDDRIVE, 2615 Holmes St. Kansas City, MO 64108.